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This Squish Image Optimizer will add a text watermark to a photo in JPG, PNG or ICO format.

* The Squish Image Optimizer will resize the watermark text to your photo. If your photo is predominantly dark then the watermark will be written with white text, if the photo is predominantly light it will be written with black text.

* HTML entities will cannot be used as a watermark.

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The ultimate guide to watermarking your photos for use online

The ultimate guide to watermarking your photos for use online

Watermarking your photos or artwork before you post it online serves two purposes:

 Written by Tonny Christiansen

 Watermarking helps to brand you as a photographer or digital artist.
 Watermarking is used to protect your work from theft.

But what is a watermark really?

Traditionally we think of a watermark as a faint image or text (or a combination of both) that uniquely identifies who has the intellectual rights to any given item. In reality there is more to it. One example of a visual watermark that we normally don’t think of as a watermark, is the ® registered trademark. Here exemplified by the Nike Swoosh.

Nike Swoosh - as featured on a yellow running shoe

Ex. 2 The Nike Swoosh is one of the most recognizable "watermarks" today.

As is the case with Fotolia and Farzad image below, the Nike Swoosh watermark serves to brand a product that would otherwise just be a generic trainer. The simpler the watermark is - the more powerful and universal it seems.


Ex. 3 Bahman Farzad is rightly proud of this portrait.

Visual watermarks have been used to protect banknotes, stamps, commercial products and official government papers from counterfeiting for centuries.

As a security measure visual watermarks work well in the physical world; - not so well in the digital. - That is because that anyone with a little determination and some Photo Shopping most visual watermarks like the one in the Fotolia photo above can be removed with little or no adverse effect on image quality.

To effectively secure digital photos and artwork we need a digital watermark.

Digital Watermarks

A digital watermark is a pattern or text hidden within an audio, video or image file. It is used to identify ownership and copyright of the file.

Like traditional watermarks used to protect banknotes, digital watermarks are only visible under certain conditions, i.e. after using special program, and invisible otherwise.

An audio, image or video file can carry several different digital watermarks at the same time. Unlike metadata that is added to the file, a digital watermark does not change the size of the file. The premise is that no matter how the media file is copied, edited, compressed, or otherwise manipulated, an intentional marker remains in the bits that make up the work, allowing buyers and artists to verify and track each available copy of their work.

Contrary to what most sellers of Digital Watermarking software are telling you, a digital watermark does not protect against theft!

- Even though digital watermarks are practically impossible to remove; - the openness of the Internet makes it possible for almost everybody to steal your work and use it for their own purpose. The only leverage you have is the ability to know who stole your work, and be able to sue them for it.

Given the fact that lawyers cost money, the perpetrator might not take your threat serious because he is from another continent, lawsuits takes a long time! - A lawsuit might not be worth your effort to pursue, and thus digital watermarking your work becomes worthless.

But what should you do?

Through the ages serious artists have put a mark on their work. The mark does not diminish their work, it defines it! Like with the Waterlilies painting by Monet without his signature it probably wouldn't have survived the ages.

I think you should do the same! As Monet be proud of what you have created and stand by it.

While it certainly won't protect you against theft; - it will brand you and your work and possibly get you recognized by your fellow artists and the common man alike.

A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.

Jeff Bezos, Owner and Founder of

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