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Hey...this is my email & privacy policy.

I don't even know why I really need this, but every big site has one so I'm going to be a copy-cat and do the same.


Whenever you used this service you provided me with some information like your name and email address.

I ain't gonna do nuthin' with em.

You might get emails from me occasionally with service updates, but nothing along the lines of spam.

In fact my emails have a one-click-unsubscribe. You simply click "unsubscribe" which is at the bottom of EVERY commercial email I send, and you're immediately taken off the list. No questions asked.

This site was built with ASP.NET, so per default a SessionId cookie is sent back and forth between my web server and your browser. The ASP.NET Session Cookie is expressly exempt from the EU e-Privacy directive as stated here. I use your SessionId to secure that the images you upload is marked as yours and are deleted when the session terminates. I also use the session id to secure that temporary files are not shared with other users visiting the site at the same time.

I also use Google Analytics. I do this to know something about you the visitor in order to be able to provide you with the best possible service. Google is massive and per se I don't personally like that Google can track how I, and YOU are moving around on the great free Internet, but it is a fact of life that they do. If YOU can't live with my use of Google Analytics, please send me a message and I will seriously consider to remove their tracking code from this. site. You can read Google's policy on tracking here.

If you are unsure about what a Cookie is, then you can learn more from this excellent and very short description of what a cookie is and how it is used written by the always excellent BBC. Read it here BBC on Cookies

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If for whatever reason you're not satisfied with something I do, and want to yell at me, you can always contact me. Here's all of my personal contact information:

Prozapia Ltd.
Penhurst House 352-356, Battersea Park Road,
London SW11 3BY,


-Tonny Christiansen